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2017 mokka astra k navi 900 intellilink touch r700 intellilink faq.pdf

MY17 FAQ NGI 2.6 Navi 900 IntelliLink Aug 2016 Master logo(2)

Frequently Asked Questions

September 2016

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Opel Mokka A J13 2017

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Navi 900 IntelliLink, Touch R700 IntelliLink Frequently Asked Questions September 2016 This document is valid for Astra produced as of Aug. 2016 and MOKKA X produced as of Jul. 2016 . Index 1. Audio .1 . 2. Navigation only Navi 900 IntelliLink .2 3. Phone .3 4. SHOP, Glympse, The Weather Channel ..3 5. Apple CarPlay™ ..6 6. Android Auto™ .8 7. Speech recognition ..10 .. 8. Color instrument panel only Astra ..11 9. Favourites .11 10. Video .12 .. 11. Other .12 .. 1. Audio Q How can I change the audio source, e.g. from FM radio to USB music A By pressing the “RADIO” button you can toggle through all available radio sources. By pressing the “MEDIA” button you can toggle through all available media sources. Q How can I search and play a radio station or media title A Select the corresponding audio source. Then tap the “Browse“ button on the main audio screen in order to search for a specific radio station or media title. Hint Alternatively you can tap the center of the main audio screen or turn the menu knob. Q Why can’t I access my playlists or albums whenever I connect a device e.g. smartphone via Bluetooth BT It works whenever I connect the same device via USB. A Browsing music of a BT connected device requires that the device supports the BTprotocol AVRCP 1.4. Check with the device manufacturer if AVRCP 1.4 is supported. Q Why is the song title not displayed on the screen when listening to music via Bluetooth BT e. g. from my smartphone A In order to display metadata, such as artist and title on the infotainment screen when streaming music via Bluetooth , your device must support BT protocol AVRCP 1.3 or higher . Q Why can’t I hear any music when connected to an external audio device e.g. via USB or Bluetooth A After connecting with an external audio device, switch to the respective source by pressing the “MEDIA” button.

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Mokka - User's manuals

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