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Vauxhall Tigra MK1 standard - modded

My first project was mainly the outside look on my Vauxhall Astra MK4. But now i have a new car a Vauxhall Tigra MK1 and the main focus so far has been the interior because im once again i am a student this time doing car body repair and respraying so i decided do start doing my own DIY for practice, refurbishing alloys and spraying them, spraying the dash, gear and handbreak gaters, roof lights, foot well neons, air vent leds, door strip leds, boot leds, sub installs, speaker installs, window graphics, debadgeing anything i could think of for now. but my future idea's and plans are boot spoiler, angel lights (with black background), viper induction kit, body kit, a bigger engine, car fully resprayed, bucket seats, rear lexus lights (i want led ones but cant find them so might just have to be clear with black background), lambo style doors, tuned engine, and a better toned exhaust. after listing all this now im beggining to think jeez better start saving lol please comment on this vid all feedback welcome good or bad everyone has their own opinion =)

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