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Speedsters on track-Techno mix.wmv

Growing tired of the typical, sometimes boring trackday clips? Well, you 'd better check this one out then. Speedsters and Elises "dance" on the track, with the company of some fast Imprezas, Rallies and a very nice GTR. Dedicated to all fellow VX220/Speedster drivers out there (and with a special salute to our dear friends of the Italian Opel Speedster Club). Enjoy.

Vauxhall, VX220, Opel, Speedster, Lotus, Elise, Supercharged, Impreza, GTR, Trackday, Athenscircuit, Megara, Club, Techno, Electro, Mix



Duration: 6 minutes : 35 seconds
Author: Englishmanvx220
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