Video - Paperclip Test / Free Diagnostic - 1997 Vauxhall Vectra [Guide]

Videos Opel Vectra Paperclip Test / Free Diagnostic - 1997 Vauxhall Vectra [Guide]

Paperclip Test / Free Diagnostic - 1997 Vauxhall Vectra [Guide]

A simple process which lets you display fault codes on your Vectra without any need for a diagnostic machine, using just a paperclip. Guide info/link below....

Here you see 10 flashes (which = 0), 3 flashes, 4 flashes, then 10 flashes again ( = 0 ). This gives you the code 0340, which when looked up is a Camshaft Sensor error.

I used this guide here:

First I determined the ECU system using the chart, in this case it was a Vectra-B 1.8i 16v , X18XE, 1995-1999 which uses a Siemens Simtec 56.5. This lets me know where to place the paperclip in the port found under the handbrake (was pin 5 & 6,) and helps me decipher the light sequences

When the ignition is then turned on, the engine management light lit up, went out, and then began the sequences to determine the fault codes (in this case it repeats just the one 0340 code). I then used the same guide as displayed above to find the fault code meaning, 0340 = Camshaft sensor

This will not work for 2000+ Vectra models

To clear fault codes disconnect the battery for 5 minutes, leave a window down incase of any locking issues




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