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Opel Omega A Inline-6 Relay Engine

Six relays simulating pistons in an inline-6 combustion engine with the firing order from an Opel Omega A engine. These are six large, loud 12V relays driven by ULN2003 darlingtons and programmed using a Basic Stamp 2. The relays are plugged into sockets screwed into wood planks. Under each relay is a 12V dashboard illumination bulb switched by the relay contacts. The program has four modes: idling, accelerating, decelerating, and brake. In the idling mode, some slop is introduced into the timing to make it sound more like a real worn-in engine. To change speed, the pause between cylinder firings is varied - a smaller number means a faster engine. The full throttle speed is the maximum the relays can cycle and still make decent electricial contacts. It's hooked up to a foot-pedal for revving it up. It uses a table for cylinder firing order. I have four real-world engine firing orders, and a bunch of variations I created. After listening to and tweaking it for hours, the Opel Omega still has the nicest most realistic sound. It was very tricky getting the timing right so it accelerates and decelerates smoothly. I also wanted it to accelerate fast, and decelerate slow, like an engine would. It uses tables for acceleration and deceleration rates. There's a total of 6 cycles, and each relay is kept energized for 2 cycles. I discovered it made it sound smoother and more realistic this way, and it gives the bulbs enough time to light up. There wasn't enough room to add the ...

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