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It's easy to see which rides children feel comfortable on... And those cars where kids - and their parents! - likewise feel at home: primarily thanks to plenty of space! Conjuring up an additional little surprise is always welcome, of course - such as these doors! But more on that later - the new Opel Meriva has lots to offer. For starters there's the fuel-efficient diesel engines - always good when the family budget's stretched. And all four versions boast smooth running and plenty of power.... The new engines are an important addition for the Opel Meriva - particularly in Europe. Diesel has always been a popular option here - and not just among truck drivers. The most efficient version of the 1-point-3 CDTI bears the 'Ecoflex' badge. It has an average consumption of 4-point-5 liters per 100 kilometers and boasts a CO-2 emissions level of under 120 grams. What really sets the new Meriva apart, though, is its flexible door and interior concept. Here Opel shows just one of the variants possible. The rear seats can also be moved individually to free up more cargo space behind. But the real eye-catchers are the rear 'Flex Doors'. The bigger 1-point-7 CDTI is the first Opel engine to feature diesel engine management, developed in-house. It works with other advanced engine features to deliver better fuel employment, lower emissions, plus less noise and vibrations. It's this kind of innovation that is helping Opel become more independent of its parent General Motors. The new ...

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