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2013 Opel Mokka trailer

Despite its 4.28 meter measurement, the Mokka generously accommodates five people in a higher seating position. It delivers on Opel's promise to combine attractive design with innovative technologies and upmarket functions, making them accessible to a wider segment of customers. A dynamic driving experience is provided by three efficient engines, including the gasoline 1.6 liter (85 kW/115 hp) and the 1.4 l Turbo (103 kW/140 hp) versions and the 1.7 CDTI (96 kW/130 hp). Safety is enhanced with new cutting edge technologies brought to the SUV B-segment, for example the Driver Assistance Systems that are based on the Opel Eye front camera system, a rear view camera, the unique FlexFix bicycle carrier and the AGR certified seats. The driving dynamics of the Mokka have been tailored to the needs of urban life with all the advantages of off-road capability. This is why apart from front-wheel drive (FWD), the Mokka can be fitted with all-wheel drive (AWD) technology for even better traction and handling. The AWD technology is efficient, clever and affordable as it allows the Mokka to switch from a robust urban SUV to a competent off-roader. In high grip driving conditions such as asphalted roads, the Mokka is in the FWD mode with all the torque on the front wheels. This helps to ensure good fuel economy. However, in order to enhance the ride experience and handling, torque is seamlessly shifted from the front to the rear axle depending on traction or driving situations. On very ...

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