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ZafB model year 2006 power window

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2013-08-22 22:22:58

Hi guys I greet You in the club..

I have a technical question.

On Zafira B 2006 I can not put into operation el. downloading the driver's window.

Resp. does not behave as it should.

Customer came with a defect:

On the way home on the highway to Munich opened the window and he has failed to close.

In Germany, technician said to him, that the window motor is broken and needs to be replaced (very expensive repair, returned back the window somehow to the closed position and disconnected the motor from the wiring and repair the breaches).

I connected the motor back to wiring and tried the function,after startup glass always rode approx. 5 cm and stopped.So I pulled the window to fully open position ( by 5cm), but could not pull back, the switch did not respond.

So I disconnected the motor again and then connects and voila window cca.5cm jumped up, so I took it back to the closed position (repeated disconnecting and connecting the engine running)

That's why I checked : Complete wiring from the door into the car to "A" pillar, is as new connectors absolutely no signs of corrosion and oxidation.

Then I remove the driver´s power window switch and the window motor.

Dismantling drivers - finding that the carbon contact point was burned ( same type of contact point like in the TV remote) this resulted in a meaningless signals for power window motor.

Bought new original power window switch.

The engine was disassembled and inspected with it that's fine.

All folded back, accompanied with a new power window switch and the window does not work properly (or still not behaves well with the fact that it can been lifted up by power window switch by 5cm ).

When I turn ON engine a few seconds I tried to run the window sliding, well, wonder of wonders, the window slid smoothly to the bottom (in the motor relay clicked to remember the position) then I can just as smoothly closed (again, set the motor to the end position).

So I went back and trim all in a collapsed state, several times repeated, and start pulling and everything worked.

The next day when a customer came to the car so he did not want the window again and was only intermittently ..

I have of it quite desperate, measured signals from the controller to the motor and unrecognized problem.

Voltage is correct, the skeleton too ..

So I put back trim and all in origin state, several times repeated pulling and everything worked.

The next day when a customer came for the car, window slidind did not work properly again and works only intermittently ..

I´m of it quite desperate,I measured signals from the power window switch to the motor and can not found problem.

Voltage is correct, the ground too ..

Does it have a different control unit (comfortable ECU that interacts with the electric windows or each motor is control unit and power window switch is control unit too)?

Opel in terms of electronics I am not privy, so please help me, I'm rather to VW Group, but it's a family friend and I wanted to help him save some money ..

The right window is operating normally, the mirror flaps and adjustment works fine.

Thank you for your understanding and help any advice.