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2014-11-06 08:43:39 Over heating and fuel issues

I have a 2001 Opel Omega Elegance..I have / had an overheating problem. I had the water pump changed, the thermostat is good, and the fan comes on. I cannot get the temp gauge to work. Does anyone know the fuse number for it on this model? I assume it is still overheating, because if I drive it for 15-20 min, when I shut it off, it will not start for like an hour. Also, sometimes when I press the gas pedal, it hesitates. Once it does that the car runs like crap, almost wants to shut off, will not go uphill, unless in low gear, and the gas pedal is mashed all the way down. Other time, the gas is fine. I had the fuel filter changed, less than a year ago. I have added a bottle of gas testament, thinking maybe it was just some bad gas. Any ideas? Thanks.

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