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2013-03-04 17:11:34 5th OPEL CLUB SUMMER PARTY


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Organiser Opel club

Date of opening 05.07.2013 - 07.07.2013 few months left

GPS coordinates: 50 ° 5'30 .7 "16 ° 37'40 .8"


Czech Republic

City: Mladkov

Place name area firefighters Mladkov

Registered no. 6 people, 4 cars


Bobban ... responsible for organizing of this event


Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to the fifth year of jubilee events SUMMER PARTY "OPEL club" Mladkov 2013th As the name suggests, it's not just rally cars of OPEL, but all the people who owned the car, own, sometimes will own, or simply are just members of the site, or friends and relatives of those members. Those who have already attended our meeting earlier so they know how to go there, and you persuade others to come. The weather this year, try to order a little bit friendlier, but simply neporučíš rain, wind, and when he closes all the time tent, perhaps no disaster does not occur . But even if it was raining, we'll have fun with lots of activities.

We promise you our trampoline, water slide, perhaps firefighters prepare something for us. On Saturday, we would like to once again prepared a novelty OPEL need them reaches even more and you will be able to enjoy again and those who are interested, as well as a ride. We'll see what for us gentlemen from Adam Opel engineers. In addition, you will plan again some competitions, there will be happy when you plug your imagination and bring some little things that enrich both our raffle, so we can use as prizes for competitions greedy. And if the sea lion arrives with my family, I'm sure you will be able to leave again haircut. We promised to show Paczqa if he does not correct with some races, so we take you to show your friends a few RC models, and built a track and the little race.

As far as food and drink, you will again be taken care of in the best quality and abundance, Kitchen will be full of specials, goodies and treats, cracking under the weight bar drinking almost all types and brands of soft drinks to alcohol. :-D So you do not need anything except a good mood tote. Just one more time I ask, who has the opportunity and taste, and bring us some little things for the raffle, let the end except for wonderful experiences and memories you can even take some of those tangible gifts.

The area will be open on Friday 5 July from 12 hours, clearance is expected on Sunday to 16 hours.

By registering, please just write the number and age of children, to make it clear how many of them will arrive.


0-5 years = free entry

5-15 years = 50, - CZK per person

15-70 years = 100, - CZK per person

70 years and more, accompanied by both parents free entry


Make OPEL = 100, - CZK

Other brands = 120, - CZK

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